Hello! I'm Libby Romero

From the moment I was able to discover that I had skill and talent with my hands, it was like realizing that life gave me a second chance,

(I'm talking after retiring from organizing tennis events) then I thought that I could not devote myself to any other productive activity evermore.

I have had contact with the manual work for more than five decades with the technique of crochet, which my mother taught me, to the point that a few people and boutiques were interested in my work. On the other hand, I became interested in the technique of the two needles that my Catalan mother-in-law taught me, which allowed me not only to decorate my house, but also to start dressing my family. I have also done couture and patchwork courses.

Since I retired from business, I have been able to dedicate more time to what started as a hobby with scarves and hats, and today has become a part-time occupation where I now mainly work on the design and manufacture of tote multipurpose bags. I have chosen to sell online because I feel that it's a way to present myself to a wider audience, anywhere in the world, in other words.

I want to show everybody my creations, the fruit of my passion, my way of seeing life, colors, feelings and part of my tradition and my talent.